Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Copic bundles!!

I'm so excited! while I was MIA, Susana got in some copic bundles! What is so cool is that they are colors designed to work together and Suzanne has tutorials on them too!! These are unique to Susana's store! Here's a few more great things about them!
-colors were put together that work and blend well together, great starting point for those starting out with Copics
-if someone isn't interested in spending $60+ on a set of Copics this is a wonderful way to start out and add to your collection
-there are Copic tutorials for each bundle
-there will be additional bundles added in the future!
Have you ordered some yet? Why not? Get shopping! I know I am!!

1 comment:

Janna said...

Ohhhh thanks for the heads up!



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