Sunday, March 8, 2009


I put a poll over on the top right side ----> as to whether I should show the photo of the copics I use or not. I know some like it, some don't and etc. I know in some future posts I forgot so I just want to know what the majority of YOU like......thanks!


Kim said...

Absolutely - I love that and your coloring is wonderful!

America said...

Hi Danni! I love your coloring and that you are asking this question... I have to tell you that I dont have any copics, so to me I can go either way. Though I do like to see what people are using colorwise to color-in their beautiful images like yours. I really like marvy LePlume Markers and belnding chalks, so I havent really found hte need for copics yet.... though Im getting htat itch... LOL.... On a serious note, Coloring is my least favorite part of creating cards! If only I could just have you color in all of my images, then I'd be all set. :) LOL

Netta said...

I don't have copics...tho some day I hope to get some........ I know when I look at blogs and they show a close up of what they use, I appreciate it. I am a visual person...I need to "see". When I was looking at copics, I noticed there were so many kinds....looking at them helps me to find quicker...hope that made sense

My vote.........keep the photos!


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