Thursday, May 7, 2009

No card today

I'm busy crafting away but many cards are for things coming up that I can't share yet. Plus I haven't been feeling 100% so the crafting is going more slowly. Edited to add that I am just so tired and wiped out that I won't be around for a few days to leave comments for you all....I hope you understand. It's one of my favorite things to do and I hate it when I just can't. I hope to be back to myself soon.

I wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments yesterday that I received on being chosen as Reader of the Week by Beth. I was truly humbled by all the kind words. Thank you!

Also many of you left such nice comments about my photograph. I worked in a camera store for 7 years and my job was the lab manager~~we had a one hour lab and I was in charge of all the printing of the photos. Photography is my first love, so to speak. I did portraits and weddings for several years before I met Sam. My true love is nature/wildlife photography though.

I've shared some of the photos I've taken on my personal blog but thought I'd share a couple on here occasionally too.

So I'll leave you with this one, that got the most awesome reviews on and I won contests with. Believe it or not, it was taken through a chicken wire fence at a wildlife preserve.


Shelly said...

Awesome, Danni. Your wildlife photography makes me understand why people fall in love with photography.

lilacanglia said...

Superb photo
Hope you feel better soon
Look forward to seeing the cards,

mollymoo951 said...

WOW! Awesome picture Danni!


CRYSTAL said...

Great photo.... I love to take pictures too... I have a digital camera and it takes great action shots....its the best camera I have ever owned....Congrats on reader of the week

Nancy said...

You captured the essence of why this country has the bald eagle as it's symbol...exquisite!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

OMGoodness. This is absolutely gorgeous. I can see why it's our nation's symbol and you've captured it in all its beauty!

Sure hope your feeling better soon.


MarieL said...

Absolutely stunning photograph. It really shows how majestic of a bird the eagle is. Darkening the background makes him stand out so much more. Terrific photography.

Take care and we will be here waiting for you

Lynette Neus said...

So sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope it doesn't last long. Take care of yourself!! Great photo and congrats on your awards on it.

Jacilynn said...

Cool Pic Danni!
I'm a lover of photography also, but very new to it.
Hope you start feeling better soon.
I've left something for you on my blog.

Aud said...

WOW! That's some stunning photo! WTG!

Take care of your self, hope you'll feel better soon!♥

Big hugs,

Christine said...

This is a beautiful picture!!! I hope you start feeling better soon.


Maria said...

Wow, your photo is beautiful!! I'm sorry to hear you're so tired. I hope you regain your energy! Sometimes a few days of rest is all you need! Take care!


coldwaters2 said...

Love this picture he looks so magnificent you are a really good photographer. I can sympathise with you Danni and see you soon.

Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Your picture taking skills are just over the top wow!! I just hope that you get to feeling better soon and get some rest hun!! :) BIG HUGS!!

Karen Wilson said...

Wow are such a talented person. Thank you for sharing your passion with us! Hope you feel better soon, get some rest. We'll all be here when you're back on your feet and you'll have lots to catch up on!! {{{BIG HUGS}}}

stampinfrog said...

This eagle is gorgeous!Fantastic picture. I hope you get to feeling better! We will be here when you get back. Just TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

StampGal said...

This is incredible. I am hoping you feel better soon.. Take care..

Michelle said...

Is there anything you aren't good at?? Seriously your photos are amazing!! You are one talented woman!!

I know all about being tired - get rest and take care of YOU (sound familiar, LOL)!!


Christine Riley said...

Wow, what a stunning photograph! You are so talented, this is gorgeous!
Hugs, Christine :)


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