Sunday, November 1, 2009

Better order now!!!

Here's a little note taken right from Susana's newsletter:

I just wanted to let you know that the store will be closed from Noon on November 2nd thru Noon November 6th (California, USA time). I am doing a little web site up keep as well as taking a little time off with my hubby. This means that while you can look at items throughout the store you will not be able to place them in the store’s shopping cart. As most of you know I run the store on my own with special assistance from my hubby. Though I know you are all great and would understand waiting for your order, I just couldn’t take a few days off knowing that your orders were not getting out and you know me - I like to get them out the door quickly. This is something that I will also be doing on some U.S. holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think we are all entitled to some quiet family time.

Thanks for understanding :o)

So if there's anything you need...get over there and order it today!!!

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