Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sparkly Thursday #1- Sparkly Fluff

I thought about waiting to do this since today is Thanksgiving for us in the USA, but then I wanted to get this series started so I decided to go ahead and post it. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and if you celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy and be blessed!

This isn't really a "tutorial" as much as it is just telling about the product and showing some ideas.

So let's get started!! The sparkly product today that is in the spotlight is Sparkly Fluff.  I found this review on the product: Craft Critique review.
My own little review is that I love this stuff!! At first I was a bit skeptical as I had lots of fun flock. I mean, that's what I thought this was like. Which in a way it is similar, as it's fuzzy but for us sparkle lovers the extra WOW is in the added little bits of sparkle in Sparkly Fluff.

I only have 3 colors right now but in doing this Sparkly Thursday, I have ideas for lots more of the wonderful colors that are available!! How fun would the gold and platinum be on a Christmas tree die cut or stamp as the garland?? or Appletini green as some sparkly grass for a fairy?? the ideas are endless and so many colors to choose from!!!

I'm sure everyone does things differently but here's how I use this wonderful, sparkly product!

Stamp and color your image. I chose not to color this image so you could see the steps better.

Collect all the supplies you'll need: quickie glue pen (love this pen as it is so easy to work with), a tidy tray or if that is not available a tupperware container or even an empty clamshell that stamps come in work great. I also use a little plastic spoon (I stole this one from the kids lunchables, but any little spoon would work) to help apply the sparkly fluff as that way I tend to control it better and not wear quite as much. I also never do a sparkly project without my glitter clean up cloth!!

Apply your glue to the areas you want to use the sparkly fluff. I wanted to do the hat trim. I usually do a small area at a time. See how the glue is blue when it's wet--it dries clear.

Next take a spoonful of sparkly fluff--I used cotton candy pink--and pour it onto the glue spot.

Take your spoon and tap it down a bit, then I pour the excess back into the container. Then tap your cardstock a bit to get all the stray pieces off.

There you have it..a sparkly fluffy hat pompom! Continue these steps until you have the effect you like.

When done, use a piece of the glitter clean up cloth and clean up your tray, if using a container, you can empty the container of sparkly fluff in there and leave it if that works for you. I've started doing that with my flower soft.
    And that's it! Easy peasy! Below are just some images that I colored and added sparkly fluff to so you could maybe get some ideas and inspiration!! Thanks for coming by and I hope that you enjoyed my first Sparkly Thursday! Come back next week for Glitter!!

    Cotton Candy Sparkly Fluff on the hat and scarf trim.

    Baby Boy Blue Sparkly Fluff used on this cuties little jammies.

    Cotton Candy Sparkly Fluff for a fuzzy, sparkly elephant!

    Baby Boy Blue Sparkly Fluff for Snowbunnybella's trim!

    Hard to photograph but I used Sugar Sparkly Fluff for Miss Anya's bubbles!


    cats whiskers said...

    Hi dear just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving
    Hugs Jacqui x

    Jackie Thomas said...

    Love it Danni, your tutorial is fantastic too. xo Jackie

    1LuvnMama said...

    I have Fun Flock too and I luv them, but this "sparkly fluff/stuff", it's pretty darn cute too! great pics on the demos!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Annette said...

    Oh Danni, not more crafting goodies I need, this Sparkly Fluff looks wonderful, thanks for the tutorial, have a great thanksgiving, take careX:)

    Randi said...

    So cute!!!! I especially love the sparkly fluff on Anya's bubbles!!

    Kris said...

    Wow Danni!!! looks like fun!! i'm sure you had lots of fun putting this together for us! definitely have to see if our craft store has something like this... TFS! and a very HAPPY THANKSIGIVNG to you and the family!!! hugs, Kris

    Karen Wilson said...

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!!!!!

    This Sparkly Fluff looks so fun!! I thought it would be like fun flock as well. Thanks for the introduction, Danni!

    Anne said...

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Danni! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

    Cindy Haffner said...

    Thanks for the tips on how to use this stuff Danni, looks like I need to get myself some Sparkly Fluff.

    SYLVIA-ANNE said...

    Hi Danni
    All these projects are fabulous and thank you for sharing the tutorial. I do have a soft spot for the adorable little baby in blue though!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
    Love, Sylvia x

    Lynette said...

    How fun!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Danni!

    Christine said...

    Great tutorial, now to con someone into getting me some for Christmas.

    Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

    oh you definitely sold me on this! off to check it out & see if i have any spending $$$$ on me - LOL.

    happy thanksgiving.


    the whimsical butterfly said...

    Fantastic post, Danni! I LOVE the fluff!!! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Tina said...

    Danni - wow - you have been busy...thanks for the tutorial. Great cards. Hope you and your family have a great over-stuft holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    Shelly said...

    Thanks so much, Danni!!! Your first Sparkly Thursday was great! I'm looking forward to the next one.

    Sparkle said...

    This fluff looks like alot of fun! Such adorable images!

    Cheryl said...

    thanks for the tips hun great tutorial too and some fab cards too hugs cheryl xxxx

    Rachel said...

    Very nice Danni, this Sparkly fluff looks awesome. I love learning about new products.
    thanks so much!!

    Michelle said...

    Very cool - thanks for the step by step directions and photos. Love that! Hope you and the kiddos had a great Thanksgiving!!

    Kimberly S said...

    Wow, how pretty! You've been very busy making those images sparkle. Awesome job! :)

    craft_princess said...

    Looks neat! Thanks for sharing!

    Kristie said...

    Great tutorial. I added some to the wishlist that I made Mike :)

    Summerthyme Studio said...

    Love how you used the fluff!!!! Great examples and tutorial!


    Gail's Card Cafe' said...

    I love it! I was wondering how they looked but you really nailed to photo! thanks for sharing Danni!


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