Saturday, May 15, 2010

I had an idea!!!

When Susana shared that she had gotten in Maya Road Chipboard, it sounded so familiar that I looked in my "chipboard" drawer and I found a set of the blossoms, and had an idea....

Sam made me a quick "splatter/spritz/spray zone".

Then I took my chipboard blossom and put it in the spray zone. Ignore the purple spray stains left from the last project...hehehe!

Next I grabbed my beloved Smooch Spritz in Pink Sprinkles and sprayed the blossom pretty heavily.

Next I took the Vanilla Shimmer Smooch Spritz and lightly sprayed over the blossom.
After it had dried, voila', a pretty shimmery blossom ready for a project!! I can't wait to smooch up some more!!!

Now go forth and shop and shimmer!! Heheehe!

Also sharing a few cute photos that I took of the kiddos this morning~

Have a happy day!


dolcreations said...

Fantastic idea Danni!
Love the pictures of the kids!

inkypuddles said...

I love it Danni!
Such cute kiddos! Miss you guys

Lisa Somerville said...

Love the shimmer of the smooch spray, just picked up a couple this week.

Diane said...

That is one nice shimmer flower Danni!!!TFS your kids pics,they are so cute!

Kristie said...

That Sam sure is handy! I've got plenty of chipboard - maybe I'll actually try this one day!

Cute pics of the kids!

Lorie said...

That is a great idea! SU! sells a spray station like that only much smaller and, have to pay for it!

Oh, and you are welcome to my stamp room whenever you'd like! I'm sure Sam will let you come right on over! ;o)

Amy said...

Oh man, I've got so many raw chipboard shapes just sitting unloved this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

Rachel said...

oooh what a fabulous idea!! must give it a try. Awww such cute kiddos you have Danni!!
Have a great weekend.
Rachel :0)

Angelwood said...

Love it! Great technique that I will definitely try. TFS! hugs, Angela

ps. your kids are the cutest! :o)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh fabulous flower! and boy are the kids growing like weeks! both are beauties! wow!

Lynette said...

Very cool, Danni! I have some chipboard items that I have been meaning to "alter" too. Cute kids - thanks for the pictures - love the glasses!

Sparkle said...

What a great idea! I am loving those sun glasses!

A Cards Delight said...

Thanks for the great it and your children are precious!

Christine said...

Such a cute flower and the kids look like they are having tons of fun!!!


Sue from Oregon said...

I tried this spritz stuff tonight for the first time...pretty cool!


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