Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Candy Winner!!

I was so amazed to see so many entries in my blog candy--fabulous!!

Without further ado--the winner is #39-Lisa G!! Congrats!! Please email me your mailing address so I can get these goodies in the mail for you!

I loved reading all the answers to my question about trends and such.

For me, it’s not really a surprise that I’m a follower. I like to follow the trends…but for the wrong reasons I fear. I’ve done some soul searching after this last little mojo-less spell and I discovered some things.

When I started my blog, I made myself a goal to make a name for myself in the crafting/blog world. I think I’ve accomplished that goal…only problem is that I started comparing myself to others.

There are so many talented crafters out there and well, I’ll admit it, I wanted to be like them and so…I went shopping happy. Maybe if I create with “this  company’s stamps or this paper or these flowers” I’ll be liked more or be like so-and-so more. So silly I know, but it was so easy to get so caught up in it all!

The thing that made me realize what I was doing is how unhappy I was when I was creating. I didn’t like alot of my cards because I was forcing myself to try to be someone I wasn’t.

Well, after lots and lots of thought and such…I’m happy to report..I’m me! LOL! I’ve cut my spending in half--still working on it and I am back to creating in my style--I like clean and simple cards with a few embellishments--occasionally more. I like my coloring and even though I continue to learn more techniques with it--it doesn’t matter that I don’t color like someone else!

I like using supplies I have--don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be buying new things--but for the right reasons, that I like them, not to be like or be liked by someone!

This last week I have had FUN again in creating and have really liked my cards again…isn’t that what this is all about?? I hope I don’t get lost again and forget that!



Leanne said...

Well said Danni! Glad you found yourself again. :)

CraftyC said...

Hi Danni, I totally agree with everything you say. I nearly always do what I feel comfy with and I actually dont like sketches much. Gotta be happy with what your doing/working with or whats the point. I've also been accepted in blogland with open arms and thats what keeps me going. A great hobby and meeting so many cyber friends from all over the world!

dolcreations said...

Well said is right! I totally agree with you Danni. I love your creations and LOVE to come and visit...and I truly have appreciated the friendship I have made with you over the last year...that is what I treasure the most girl! You push me and I will push you to have lots of fun on this blogland journey!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

You betcha! Stay true to yourself!!

Lorraine said...

Thank you for the honesty, Danni. Helps us newbie bloggers. I think I was beginning to get caught up in the "what would other people like to see" and beginning to get frozen in the process. I myself like to see all kinds of styles. I will just happily create and hope that someone will be inspired by my work. And I love your cards (on your post and the ones I receive in the mail)!

gobeagirl said...

Hi Danni. I agree with you. I love checking your blog and all the wonderful things you create. Thanks for the blog candy. I will email you soon. Hugs, Lisa G

Marisa said...

Fabulously stated! Way to be you :)

Julie said...

I can really identify with what you've said. I wanted to be like everyone else and get on as many design teams as I could. After being on 3 at once I found that I didn't have time to create what I wanted to, so now I'm only on 1 design team and am so much happier. I do things the way I want and enjoy it.
Your creations are fabulous, so just BE YOU!!

Julie W x


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