Thursday, December 15, 2011

I know it’s been asked before..

I know these questions have been asked all over blogland a zillion times but I’m always curious to see if people have found a new product/technique/etc. so I’m asking again~

1. What is your favorite paper to use with copics?  I have been using PTI’s but am finding it so thick when I want to cut out an image so I wondered what other papers people use and get good results with.

2. What is your favorite ink to use with copics? I use Memento but this past weekend I saw a friends stamped images with Brilliance and wow, they looked awesome so I’m just curious.

Thanks so much!!

I’m trying to get crafty today. I am just having the worst time lately, but I thought maybe if I just start that I’d get back into the groove.

Hugs to you all!

danni siggywinter


Joey said...

Hi Danni, I use Make it Crafty Blending paper for my copics and it is brilliant! I absolutely love it, I use memento too and I'm quite happy with it, think I have a brillance pad somewhere may have to try that one. Joey x

Anonymous said...

Hey Danni! I switch back and forth between Neenah and X-Press It for coloring. I also use Brilliance or A Muse dye ink that I got before they changed over, and love it. I think it gives a much crisper image than Memento. If you can find some I say grab it!

margie c {The Bumble Girl} said...

Hi Danni!
I used to use PTI too, and noticed that too! I've been using either Neenah or Taylored Expressions Choice CS, it's great!
I also use Memento Ink, Tuxedo Black - love it! and I've had the same pad for over a year now, no refills either, lol! I don't own any other inks!
Please share what you decided test/use!
hugs, margie xo

Seleise said...

Hey Danni, I was using X-Press It but now am using the A Muse Studio sugar and vanilla. It's wonderful and inexpensive in comparison. I ordered the X-Press It blending cardstock from - very quick and great customer service. and, you can order it in packs of 25 for around $11, I think. You can order the a muse paper from me or any demo and it's 40 sheets for $7.50 + shipping. I'd be happy to send you some pieces to play with of both kinds of cardstock so you can compare. LMK. :)

Lorie said...

Hi Danni! I used A Muse Studio sugar/vanilla paper for my copic coloring. It works great!

Barb said...

Hey Danni! I use X-Press It or Neenah 80#, and Memento ink. I've been playing with Adirondack dye inks for some "no line" stamping and they work great, too.

Sparkle Smith said...

I use Brillance but the big downfall is the drying time. I stamp multiples in batches and then let then dry overnight. To me momento ink stinks lol. If you aren't using glitter or stickles, like Peggy said the old AMuse ink works really well.

Peggy said...

Hi Danni,
I have tried so many different papers and currently I am using X-Press It Blending Card and Black Memento. The blending card makes it so easy to do shading. I have a Brilliance pad that I am going to have to give a try.

Colleen Holmes said...

Hi Danni, I use Cryogen White and momentum. Beautiful smoothing and uses less ink.

TraceyJean said...

I've been using Jenni Bowlin inks with my Copics and they work great. No waiting for them to dry and the ink pad fits comfortably in my hand. I'm still looking for paper. I've been using PTI but I recently got a paper sampler that I'm going to try out.

gobeagirl said...

Hi Danni. Like most everyone I have tried just about all the papers out there. I love and now only use Neenah Classic crest. I have found that it is just the right weight for me and I love to cut out my stamped images. I have only used the Momento and it works really good for me. I will have to get some of the Brilliance as I only own the Momento. I tried the X-press it, but for me it was really thin and I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to. Hugs, Lisa G

Shelby said...

Dannie...I think I've tried every paper suggested by crafters as well. I finally found a paper that works with the high desert climate of this part of CO. I switched over to Borden & Riley water paper. Though I'd love to try MIC's paper if shipping weren't so expensive:)! Good luck on the paper hunt. Having said all of that...I've found that if I use two or three different papers rotating them, I color better overall. It helps me not get too reliant on the paper to make my coloring


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