Monday, January 16, 2012

Can you send a card? or a few?

I have been trying to figure out a way to help a friend and finally had my “light bulb” moment --do what you do best, make and send cards!

I met this friend and her family when we were stationed in Germany--almost 13 years ago! We were pretty close but as time moved on and we moved and such we lost touch but then found each other on Facebook.

This family has been through SO much!!  They have 3 beautiful girls, Kylee, Abbi and Madi. The mom, Stef, has had her own health issues but now the family is facing something so super scary!

I remember visiting the hospital when Abbi was born…and still picture her as a little baby but she’s no longer a baby, she’s 11 years old now and is facing more than any person should.

She started having seizures and slowly over time they have become very severe and very often. To the point where Stef has had to quit her job, Abbi has to have an adult with her at all times at school, she has to have one of her parents with her at all times when she’s not at school and well, it’s just basically VERY scary.

The doctors are unsure what is causing the seizures and therefore, they haven’t found medicines that really help. So in a few weeks Stef and her family will head to the hospital where they will take Abbi off all medications and hook her up to all kinds of machines to see if they can figure things out.

If that weren’t scary enough, they have also informed the family that they “think” they might be able to figure out what part of the brain is causing the seizures and then they might perform brain surgery to remove that part of the brain.

My heart just aches for this family. I wish that I was there to just help in some small way but I’m not so I’m helping the only way I know how….praying and asking for cards for Abbi, to bring some smiles her way.
I really want to get moving on this as they see the doctors soon so please, take a minute and make a happy card (no get well or things like that) or even buy one,  and send them to me so I can forward them on. Her favorite color is blue and she’s 11.

Thank you for your prayers for this family and for getting those cards sent my way for her. Email me, dannisdreams at gmail dot com,  if you have any questions or if you need my address!


Leanne said...

What a terrible thing for such a little girl to go through! And her family must be devastated/feeling helpless that they can't help their little girl/sister. You have such a gr8 heart Danni. I will gladly send you some happy cards. I'll email you.

Mary J said...

You are such a sweet kind person Danni - count me in honey.

M xxx

Rhonda Miller said...

I'll be praying for them and will get a card ready to send to her.

Shelly said...

I'll get a card out and will be praying for the family too. My heart really goes out to this family.

Sonia said...

I find this blog by the Leanne's blog... Can you send me the info?,please?
I will praying for them.

THERESA said...

The poor girl, must be so terrifying for her and the family,cannot even imagine!!
Will mail you for the address to send a card.
lotsa prayers, luv and hugs also to the family!!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Hi Danni,
You have a heart of gold. That IS an awfully scary thing for Abbi and her family to go thru. I have a perfect card for her and will mail it to you tomorrow. I have your address.

Linda said...

Hi Danni!
I ran across a post from Leanne's blog, and hoped over to hear the details. I would love to send her over a happy card. Can you please send me info where to send it to? my email address is

gobeagirl said...

Hi Danni, You are a sweetie and I would love to send her a card or two. If you would email me your address I will get some off to you ASAP.... Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, Lisa G

Monika/Buzsy said...

I am praying for little Abbi. Glad the cards put a simle on her face. It was such a great idea from you!

THERESA said...

Ok, at last got the mail out, will be sending a card or two, lol, when i get the address..........:))
lotsa luv