Saturday, April 5, 2014

What a happy day!

For a while now I have felt like something has been missing from my crafting. There have been a few days when I felt happy and content but mostly, I just felt like I was going through the motions.

I put too much pressure on myself~~getting caught up in the whole blogging and social media side of crafting~~ feeling like I should blog every day, keep up with Facebook, yahoo groups, Facebook groups, Ning's exhausting.

I also find myself falling into the trap of comparing myself to others. Which I know not to do, but I have caught myself lately thinking that I don't color as well as others, or I don't put my cards together as well as others. Stupid, I know.

In my heart I've been longing to get back to my roots so to speak. Scrapbooking. I have so many photos to scrap and you know what, it makes me so happy when I look through my scrapbooks and my photos. But I always get overwhelmed and never know where to start.

So I decided this weekend, enough is enough. I need to do what makes ME happy. In my style, my time and no pressure. I know, this is something I should do all along but I find it so easy to get wrapped up in all the other stuff. So I told myself to just go upstairs, grab an envelope of photos that haven't been put away yet and scrap them.

I was thrilled that the envelope I grabbed had zoo photos! and I scrapped. and I smiled. and I felt the happiness in my heart like I haven't felt in quite a while. 

I used my stamps. I used my Cricut. I used punches. I used dies. I didn't try to find challenges. I didn't look at any sites for how I should make the perfect layout. I had fun.

Lesson learned or should I say re-learned...Do what makes YOURSELF happy!

There might not be as many posts on the blog....might not be as many cards...might be more layouts...maybe something else...but that's okay because it's my blog.

I do appreciate all the love and support from my blogging friends and I appreciate you all continuing to stop by when you have a chance! 

With all that said, here's the layouts I made today.

Have a fabulous night! I think I might start another layout!

If all else fails, add pink, sparkle and a butterfly!


Kristie said...

I love that you got some scrapbooking done. And I totally agree about doing what makes you happy. Otherwise, it feels so forced and I don't think your true creativity can really shine. That's why I switched to scrapping Project Life style. As much as I love the look of traditional scrapbooking, I just wasn't getting it done and I started not enjoying it anymore. Now I can keep up with scrapbooking and have time to make cards.

Jean Addis said...

Love your fabulous pages! I so enjoy reading your thoughts. I could have been writing this post myself as I'm sure others as well. Your happiness is shining through the pages. Good for you!

CarlaKH said...

good for you! I know how you feel... its so easy to get caught up in creating to blog instead of blogging about what you create! Love these layouts!

Lynette said...

That's awesome, Danni! Good for you. I hope you continue to do things for YOU and not for anybody else.

AmethystCat said...

good for you!!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Yep, you gotta do what makes you happy, try new things and change it up a bit. Love these fabulous scrap pages. I am getting more and more into them myself. I feel like it's really for something then, lol. I can't wait to see your upcoming pages as well.

Ruth G said...

I'm so glad you followed your heart! It's wonderful you had complete freedom with these pages! Your photos are fabulous and I can't wait to see more layouts featuring them! Thanks so much for sharing! Scrap away!!!

Sassy Raggedy said...

I love it. So glad you did what makes you happy and the layouts are wonderful. Hugs, joann

Denice said...

I am so glad you found your "happy" again! It's too easy to fall into the everyday demands of an active crafter and as much as we like doing it, it really starts to feel "demanding" after a while.

Your pages are perfect and reflect a fun and wonderful day.

PS: How does one NOT compare?!

Kristie W. said...

Fun pages! I was so curious as to what the pics were of when you showed a peek on facebook. The dome reminded me a bit of Epcot :-)

Heidi Brawley said...

Fabulous pages and pictures doll!!! I agree u gotta do what makes you happy! ! Hugs, Heidi

Karen Wilson said...

Perfect post and you're so right. I think we do compare ourselves to others or try to do too much. I know I do and I have had to step back as well. I love scrapbooking and take pride in my albums. It's so nice to see you doing what you love and your LO's are awesome too! Your whole post just made me smile. Keep doing what you love and what makes you happy - as you said, it's your blog. If you're looking for ideas, my Lasting Memories (Layouts only) challenge blog is going strong! Don't worry about the challenge part, unless of course you want to enter, but if your stuck for an idea or just need a little inspiration, have a look through the posts and maybe you'll see something. I love that we've inspired so many ppl there now!

Have an awesome weekend!!!