Monday, June 16, 2014

Not craft related, but a question...

Although it's not craft related, I have a question for you today!! 

What brand skincare/makeup do you use? 

I'm finding that I'm feeling all girly lately as Belle and I have been painting our nails weekly so I've been looking into getting a new skincare system and possibly some new makeup. So just curious what you use and why you like it!

Thanks so much for helping a girl out!! 

Have a wonderful day! The kids and I are off to the movies today as they are having $2 movies each week for the summer. Today we're seeing The Lego Movie!!

If all else fails, add pink, sparkle and a butterfly!


Kim Yu said...

I recently started using serum on my face and I love it! I have been using the Double Serum by Clarins the last two weeks and my skin is noticeably more radiant..smoother too! I use the Lancome gel facial scrub regularly and I love that too!...rubs off dead skin. :) No makeup help from me..I don't use makeup, just lip gloss sometimes.

Mary J said...

Great question and always good to hear what others use!

For skincare I use Chanel - it works for my drier skin and although a bit more expensive, the anti-wrinkle cream really works!

For my make-up basics (foundation, blusher, primer, etc) I use Bare Minerals. It's so easy to put on and gives a really natural finish. Definitely use a foundation primer - makes it last all day!

I use Chanel mascara as it's really natural looking and doesn't go clumpy. I then only use sheer lipsticks and not really fussy about the brand name - more important to get the right shade for your complexion.

Hope that helps!

Stef H said...

ok. 1st... i take my makeup off with and moisturize with COCONUT OIL (u can get it cheap at marshall's, tjmaxx); (2) i then use oil of olay regenerist SERUM which i put on nightly; (3) i rarely, if ever, wear foundation but if i do i'm liking Rimmel BB Cream and then (4) top with a light bronzer.

hope this helps. truth be told, you ALWAYS look good, but i hear ya on the change. i once paid major bucks for a facial and purchase of SMASHBOX at Ulta and i DO like the smashbox (if you want to spend that kind of $$$$).

hugs :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sorry ... can't help ... I don't where any makeup :)

Monika/Buzsy said...

I hardly ever use make-up, but I have some from Amway. They are pretty safe as far as chemicals and they have really nice products.

Sue from Oregon said...

Ha! Whatever direction my girls point me! I use Nuetragena oil free SPF 15 moisturizer-bought at the local store. Nuetragena concealer stick, Fairy Drops for mascara(bought off Amazon-awesome stuff $25 ish but lasts forever) Maybelline Silhouette eyeliner ($6)-cheap and stays on! That's it!

Tracey Jean said...

I'm fortunate that my skin responds to pretty much any skincare line. So I just get whatever fits my budget at shopping time. The brands I use most often are Avon and Clinique. For makeup I use Bate Minerals and Mally Beauty for ease of application. Mascara lasts about 3 months since I wear glasses/contacts and am concerned about bacteria, so I just get whatever the drug store has on sale.


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