Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another dream come true....

I really feel like the happiest, most blessed girl right now. Not only have I followed my dream of working at a zoo but today I also had another dream come true---I did one of our zoo's Backstage Experiences. I did the Interactive Animal Keeper Experience. There aren't words to describe the happiness in my heart, in my soul after this fabulous experience. I know it's not for everyone and not everyone has my dream but that's exactly what it was for me for so long...a dream...and now it has come true.

This experience was in our Red Barn area which is the part of the zoo where the goats, chickens, miniature horses, etc are at. The public can go in and pet/brush the goats and see the other animals up close.

For my experience I was able to go behind the scenes and help clean out some exhibits (they took it easy on me), I helped get the diets ready and then also helped feed some of the animals.

It was so amazing to be able to talk to the keepers, to ask many of the questions I've always wanted to ask and to just "be" there. Truly, this was just simply amazing for me.

I also got to hold a bearded dragon lizard, a corn snake--both were very cool and I actually liked this way more than I expected--and also got to pet/touch sugar gliders, a chinchilla and prairie dogs--oh my word are those critters squeals so adorable. Many of these animals are not on display for the public but used for education and as animal ambassadors for the zoo for different things.

I learned more about our African Wild Dogs and then ended my day with feeding and petting our stingrays--very cool.

I just can't stop smiling and am looking forward to my next Backstage Experience--yes, I'm a zoo nerd and I will be doing them all! LOL!!

I'll have more cards to share soon but thought I'd share a little more personal stuff today. 

Always, always, always follow your dreams and then when they come true, dream new ones!!!

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Shelly said...

I'm thrilled for you, Danni!!!! Big happy hugs!


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