Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 4 of 30 Day Coloring Challenge #2

Not gonna lie...I am dragging tonight. Already fell asleep on the couch once but I'm determined to see this challenge through! So here's to another day done! yay!

Image is from Unity, For all Your Help Birdies. One thing I'm rediscovering through this challenge is how much I love to color. Sometimes I think I get caught up in trying to make my coloring perfect with all the shading, shadows, etc. and doing this challenge I'm not worrying about it as much and I'm discovering the joy in it again. Hip, hip, hurray!!

See you tomorrow!


Kristie said...

Very pretty!

Denice said...

Love this adorable image! I have to agree with you...coloring images has changed drastically since I learned and I'm not to keen on keeping up with it. I mutter every time I have to think about flicking!


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