Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peggy Sue Hatter and my new craft room!

I'm back!! The boxes are unpacked, errands are done for the week and I'm back to crafting and it feels fabulous!!

I finished this card this afternoon. I started it before our move (a month ago!!) so it felt good to get it done! I used a retiring digi from Little Miss Muffet Stamps called Peggy Sue Hatter. I adore her big hat and thought the bright colors were fun on her!

It's always fun to see other people's craft room so here's my new craft room! It just makes me so happy to be in this room! I just love it!!

My photo section, Fluffy, TV and my cookbooks (since the kitchen is close) and crafting books!

Stamp corner! With a few favorite things, my thimble collection, stereo and then leading into my punches, cards on the mantle from friends and the elephant photo a friend from work gave me! This also has my new glitter makes me happy sign that makes me more than happy! LOL!

From this photo you can see my craft table which has my 6x6 paper pads, stamps in front of it, shelves at the end which house some misc. stuff and of course, a cat bed that isn't used because they love my new chair and insist I share.

Another view of the mantle. Punches are in the carts with drawers and then cards I have made and more cards from friends on on the shelves. In the corner by the windows is a cat tree and cat litter box--didn't think we needed photos of that!

Straight on shot of my table area. The desk on the wall was my great grandmother's and one of my dearest treasures. It opens up to reveal a little desk and then the top scrolls and has art lessons. There will be butterfly pictures on each side soon as the photo hanger got broke on one of them so we need to replace that.

This corner has all my dies and my Cricut Explore. It also makes me giggle and smile each time I look at it as it has my Minion poster a friend got me and also an elephant poster I got from work. Next to the table are more stamps and embellishments and another elephant photo from a friend at work.

The whole room may be a hodge podge of things but they are all things I love and they make me happy so that's all that counts. It is pretty amazing to see what 15-16+ years of papercrafting collecting looks like! 

Have a wonderful evening and I will see you back here real soon!! Keep smiling and be happy!


Nancy Thomas said...

Your crafty room looks fabulous! Enjoy.

Sandi said...

I am so very happy for you Danni....enjoy crafting in your fabulous new space!

Rhodamom said...

Awesome craft room, and you are so right having things around you that you love is very important. Enjoy!!

Jean Addis said...

Your card is so cute. It's no wonder with that fabulous room of yours. It's so well organized, and looks great. Here's to many hours of fun creating.

Christine Dol said...

That room looks great! Certainly a happy place for sure!!!!!!

Barbara Greenberg said...

AWESOME. So glad you have a big room to craft in again.

*Vicki* said...

Such a darling card here Danni! :) Fabulous colors and mix of papers!! Your room looks awesome and so glad you get some crafty fun in!! Sending hugs

simplybren said...

So glad that you have your space all set up. How wonderful to have the things that make you happy at every turn. I look forward to seeing your beautiful work. Enjoy your new home!

Kristie said...

Your room looks fabulous!! So happy to see you in your own space again. I know you will make great use of it :)

Great card as well. I love the bright colors you used on Peggy Hatter. She looks ready for a day of fun!

Teresa Kline said...

this is awesome, congrats!


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