Monday, November 21, 2016

Organizing my stamps and dies

My friend, Shirley, saw the photo I posted of Alyssa helping me pick out which stamp to use~~ this one~~

and asked me to share more of how I keep track of my stamps so that's what I'm doing today.

I know I have shared this before but I couldn't find that post so here it is again. 

I don't remember when I started my "stamp catalogs" as I call them but it was years and years ago. I am a very visual person so I wanted something that I could look at and see what I had, see the actual sizes and whatnot.

So every time I get a new stamp/stamp set I stamp it in my catalog and put the name/company of the by it. I have some sections based on company but many are lumped in one misc. section as they were stamps from companies I didn't know I'd end up with a large collection from. I've thought about re-doing the catalogs and putting them truly by stamp company but that seems like too big of an undertaking for me at this time so I am happy to continue with what I've got...for now.

Currently I have two notebooks, one that has all my stamps from The Angel Company, CTMH and Stampin' Up in it and the other one has all the other companies. (Excuse the photos, it was hard to take them without a glare from the page protectors)

I also have a "catalog" for all my punches and dies. I find it helps me to see the exact size that a die/punch plus it helps me see them all so I can choose more easily. Every time I get a new punch or die I add it in the catalog. I only have two sections, Stampin' Up and all others. Again, I've thought of re-doing it but again, too big of an undertaking right now so I just continue as is...for now.

So there you have it! that's how I keep track of my stamps and dies/punches!

Have a great day and I'll see you back here soon!


Mel said...

Thanks for sharing that with us. I need to do something like that, as I have no way of really "flipping through" all the stamps and dies I have without just dragging them all out. Big pain! Maybe in the new year, I'll take inspiration from you and organize a notebook of all I have. It will be a big undertaking, but at the same time, I will use both stamps and dies more if I'm able to quickly reference what I have available. :)

Glittered Paws said...

Oh what a nice share you did - and I am thinking you have been doing this from the start of your stamping days. I could so get organized if I had that kick in the rump. It is a pain to look through all of my stamp draws and then when I can't find what I am looking for I get totally frustrated. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jean Addis said...

I saw that picture as well, and could see how organized you are, but are super organized. Thanks so much for sharing your marvelous notebooks! I am so inspired to get started on my punches thanks to you. Very sweet of you to share, Danni, thank you!


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